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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokio 2020

July 23 to August 8 2021

The XXXII Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo, from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

During these 16 days, the best athletes in the world will compete in 33 different disciplines, including 6 sports that make their debut or return to the Olympic competition.

Argentina already has more than 100 representatives qualified, among which are the basketball, volleyball, hockey and men's handball, and women's hockey teams.
We have everything ready for you to live the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games without having to worry for anything else: tickets, the best hotels, transfers...

We are going, and you?
Join GoGol and enjoy this unforgettable trip together.

Silvio Santander, entrenador de Basquet

GoGol Exclusive Experience

Throughout the tournament, as in the 2019 China World Cup, Silvio Santander, second coach of the Argentine Basketball Team, will be accompanying us to share the analysis of the matches and enrich ourselves with his knowledge.

Sedes, Juegos Olimpicos Tokio 2020
The venues are divided into two zones forming the intersection of two circles that symbolize infinite emotion. Heritage Zone: Symbolizes emblematic places used in the 1964 Tokyo games.
Tokyo Bay Zone: It is a model for urban development that symbolizes the exciting future of the city.
1- Ceremony Opening / Closing - Athletics - Soccer
12- Volley
19- Field hockey
29- Basketball
2 Table tennis. 3 Handball 4 Judo / Karate. 5 Walk. 6 Weights. 7 Boxing 8 Horse riding. 9 Badminton. 10 Football / Rugby / Pentathlon. 11 Cycling. 13 Gymnastics 14 BMX / Skate. 15 Tennis. 16 Swimming 17 Beach volleyball. 18 Basketball 3x3 / Climbing. 20 Horse riding. 21 and 22 Boating. 23 Archery. 24 Swimming. 25 Water Polo. 26 Taekwondo / Fight. 27 Fencing. 28 Surf. 30 Shot. 31 Golf. 32 Yacht 33, 34 and 35 Cycling Ciclismo.
OV Olympic Villa.

Complete map:


Calendario, JJ00 2020
Calendario, JJ00 2020


Ciclos de venta, JJ00 2020


Departures to Tokyo from the main cities in the world, either from the USA, Europe or the Middle East. Tell us your preference of dates and scales and we will put together the best option for each one.

Tokio, Japon

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A GoGol coordinator will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel.
We will also coordinate the transfer from the hotel to the airport on your departure.


Hiyori Hotel Tokyo Ginza East

Hiyori Hotel Tokyo Ginza East

Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Shiodome

Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Shiodome

Villa Fontaine Tokio Otemachi

Villa Fontaine Tokio Otemachi

Hiz Hotel
Apartments for 4 to 6 persons

Hiz Hotel

Monte Fuji


GoGol will manage and coordinate the tourist activities that you choose.


GoGol will collaborate with the coordination of the daily movement of all its clients so that everyone can live in the simplest and most agile way every day. As each passenger will have their preferences and schedules to live the different events, the best way to move within Tokyo will be through public transport.

Transporte en Tokio

Cocina Japonesa


GoGol will coordinate and manage exclusive activities of Japanese culture, for example:
- Japanese cooking class in a 2 Michelin star restaurant.
- Zen meditation practice with Japanese Buddhist monks.
Or any other activity that the client requests.



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