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How many times did you sit on your couch in front the TV set to watch the Champions League Final?

On a cold winter Saturday, when the match is still hours away, you turn on your TV, you pour yourself something to drink and you start watching, way ahead of the kick-off whistle. In the meantime, you see all those fans walking to the stadium, grinning from ear to ear. Parents and their children excited, choked up with emotion; fans dressed up, their faces made up with the colors of their teams; couples and groups of friends who eagerly share every detail of the craziest things they had to do to make it there and be part of that incredible show.

What wouldn’t you give for that euphoria you get when you feel that “bleacher buzz”, for those previous hours before the game, in which nothing else matters? Wouldn’t you just love leaving the hotel early, wandering around those modern stadiums, those architectural wonders that somehow seem unreal, like a stage set up for a unique show. Sitting on your couch, seeing all those people there, enjoying every second, you ask yourself: And why am I not there!? What did I have to do to be one of those lucky fans, one of those that can experience the shows that I love so much and keep me awake at night? More than once, you’ve told yourself: “Someday, I just have to go”, but for one reason or another, you never do. The idea pops up in your mind, but in the end you give up, one excuse at a time: “it’s too hard”, “who am I going to go with? My son? My friends?” What if I told the guys I play soccer with every Friday night?” And if… Yeah, but: who’s going to find tickets? Who’s to make sure we don’t end up on a four-stop flight via Dubai? Who can assure me that I won’t end up in ugly, expensive hotel, far away from everything?” And the list of doubts that turn into excuses grows, and you keep putting off your dream.

What would you say if we helped you make your dream come true?

What if, at least once, instead of regretting your lack of planning, you go to that Champions League Final you always dreamed of? And if you come across the world’s top sport celebrities, an athlete of your favorite Olympic sport, or your all-time favorite tennis player, just walking through the Olympic Village, would you be willing to experience the Olympic Games, the cradle of sports, from the inside? Or, if the planets finally line up and your team lifts the blessed Libertadores Cup, why not go to Abu Dhabi and see if your team can actually face off against the European giants?

That’s what we’re here for. To help you make your dreams come true. So that you too can be part of the world’s most important sporting events. At Gogol we offer you all the necessary services so that you can attend and enjoy the most important sporting events of the next four years and take care of every detail so that your only worry is to answer the stewardess when she asks you: “¿Chicken or Pasta?”