Quiénes somos


Mariano "Coco" Morazzani


Independent entrepreneur. He was Business Development and Operations Director of several service companies until he settled in Patagonia and set up his own logistics and services company. He is an avid traveler, for any kind of trips, particularly those he makes with friends and family, and especially passionate about living and enjoying those sporting events we love so much. He is the Pep Guardiola of the project. He oversees logistics, general planning and the relationships with companies and clubs. He's the one who overlooks every detail and is able to pause before he comes up with the most brilliant ideas.

Mariano Morazzani, GoGol general director
Miguel Heredia, GoGol operations coordinator

Miguel Heredia


From everything he learned about the logistics of oil services and companies, he is the one who makes the planning during week noticeable on the field. Costs and security are key in our trips, so you can enjoy every second of a unique and unforgettable experience. And Miguel makes it possible. After being a rough second row of the Buenos Aires National Rugby Team against the Wallabies in the Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium, Miguel is the midfielder that controls the center circle at all times, the one in charge of making sure everything is going smooth; and the one who can become a defender that will solve any issue if it ever comes up. Zero risk. He's the player every team must have to become a champion.

Adalberto "Beto" Gonzalez


He is the one that enjoys the project the most. Traveling with Beto is the guarantee of a good time. He is the lyrical one. He is definitively the team's bon vivant. A great fan of Fernando Redondo. He'd rather lose while playing well than win by booting the ball upfield. He is the one who manages to coordinate all areas of the group: the hotels, the canteens, the stadiums, the people; all the while he will tell the most memorable and funny anecdotes. Beto is, quite literally the "trip". Basketball coach. The one who knows all sports. Ask him any lineup of his cherished Racing Club de Avellaneda dating back to 1993, and he'll give it to you in record time. Don't let him Google it. He has attended Olympic Games, World Cups, NBA finals, and even knows about fencing. Nothing bad is ever going to happen when Beto is in the group.

Adalberto Gonzalez, GoGol institutional relations coordinator